Life Designed By You is a series of events that will guide you through your most challenging issues and help you work towards self-empowerment, self-confidence, and a happier, more productive life overall.

Each event series will highlight a different area in life such as relationships, health, spirituality, self confidence, etc. Together we will work towards practical and actionable solutions and life skills that will show every single woman that each of us has what it takes to DESIGN OUR LIVES. All of your answers are in you. We will just help you find them. Take this amazing opportunity to join us, so we can design our lives together

Upcoming "Life Designed By You" Events

Join a virtual community of likeminded women, be notified of upcoming in-person and online workshops and social events before anyone else, and receive weekly messages that will inspire you, uplift you and guide you through your week.

True North Life Design is an awareness journey that will help you to illuminate your barriers and resistances to change. 

We believe that many women have gotten stuck in the snares of challenging life experiences, causing them to live life disempowered.  We teach women how to use their life experiences as context clues to help them connect to their authentic selves and discover their true identities. Our mission at True North Life Design is to:

  • Provide you with valuable education that will help you to take control and design your life.
  • Help you to source feminine forms of power for growth, prosperity, freedom, fulfillment, and impact.
  • Help you to access the keys to unlock your true identity   
  • Help you to understand that you are perfect, whole and complete. 
  • Help you to build confidence to fearlessly immerse yourself into life
  • Help you to discover that you are safe, life is benevolent and life is supportive.
  • Inspire you to influence your community.