Ticola Spruill  
The Founder of
True North Life Design

What can I say?  I had this debilitating habit of seeing myself as a victim to the point that everything that showed up in my life seemed to confirm my deeply held limiting belief. I was extremely dissatisfied with my life. I felt hopeless because it seemed that there was always something pushing against me no matter how focused I was, or how hard I tried. I would consistently hit a wall that I could not get past. I was overwhelmed and tired of feeling stuck.  I had no hope for the possibility of me being able to create the type of results in my life that I wanted to make. I knew that I needed to make a change but I couldn't see how to do it. 

My metamorphosis began after I hit my lowest state, where I was compelled to confront my thinking and take full accountability for my choices.  I knew I had to stop searching for quick fixes and magic pills, and courageously take a deep dive into the world of whom I had become. I invested in personal development seminars and life coaches to help me to see the parts of myself that were driving my behaviors, and the deeply held beliefs that were blocking my success.

With the help of a life coach, I became committed to my personal growth in a way that I never had before.  Having an accountability partner really made the difference.  Over time, I developed a stronger more positive mindset.  My clarity and direction increased as I identified my core values, discovered my purpose and my unique gifts.  My self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-value increased as my life improved.   Important life decisions became obvious because my life path and vision was so clear.

Once the path toward happiness, freedom, and success was within my sight, I became motivated by my growth.  I committed to a simple growth strategy, to make a plan, follow it through, and from that data assess it and improve upon it.  That kept me on track.  I made sure that every choice I made would support my newly discovered alignment.  In time, I watched the old, depressed, exhausted, results-driven, person disappear, as the new, energized, purpose-driven, conscious life designer emerged.

Today, I have a greater understanding of how to create a life that works.  I understand how to conquer challenges with confidence, manage enormous responsibility with focus and clarity, and overcome adversity with grace.  I have made it a daily practice to be grateful for the simple things. To celebrate life and maintain my inner peace. Now I sashay joyfully, moment by moment into my perfect life, designed by me.

I have weaved together the best of all the wisdom systems that I have studied to create a beautiful mosaic that I call True North Life Design.  My desire is to help those who habitually sacrifice their power, to stop struggling, get their life back on track, by connecting to their purpose and power so that they can live unapologetically in their truth. It would bring me much joy to guide you out of the areas of your life where you feel stuck on an awareness journey into your best life.   So that you can discover the success, freedom, and happiness that you have been longing to experience.

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