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Course Creation Mastery

The course that teaches you how to turn your knowledge, skill or expertise into a profitable course in less than 4 weeks

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Have you been dreaming of a way you could either make some extra money, cut your work hours in half, or get from under your 9 - 5 altogether?

Course Creation Mastery

is the course for you!

Once you have a well-made profitable course you can take off right away generating supplemental income, replacement income, or your wildest dreams income.

Through my proven step by step process I will show you how to connect to your message, capture it, and turn it into your very own profitable course or coaching program.

I promise you, if you are ready to scale your business, or make passive income, share your passion, brand yourself as an authority, and help people up level their life. Then this course is the right course for you.

this will be one of the most rewarding and profitable courses you will ever take.

Before you put a course in-front of your target market you want to make sure you know how to meet the needs of the people you desire to serve and that you know how to get them the results they signed up for.

I am going to show you how niching your topic down into bitesize deliverables can help with that.

The reason I created this course was so that everyday people, just like you, could get off the rat race and on track to creating the time and money freedom you always dreamed of having.

I was you before I committed to going through the aurduious process of trying to figure out how to scale my coaching business and get on the course creation court.

I saw all of the gurus making cashola selling programs, and I wanted to do the same. But after my third investment in high-end programs that promised to show me how it was done, and no results. I began to think it was not going to happen for me.

Thank goodness I refused to give up because now I am the author of 25 courses, ranging from personal development to parenting and I have been able to generate way beyond 6 figures over the past year.

I already went through the pain for you so you don't have to and I promise I refuse to let you fail.... I got you!

You got that special juice no one else has.....
Believe it!

You got the juice that your ideal audience is thirsting for. Trust me, as you attract them to your message, they will have no problem investing in you. I am going to show you how to do that

If your thinking that you have nothing special to teach. I promise you that your personal life experiences alone are enough to make a difference in someone's life.

You are an amazing human being that brings a Unique perspective to the conversation.

So... how do you know if creating a six-figure course is right for you!

This course is for you if :

You’ve ever thought of creating a course but didn’t think you or your level of knowledge qualified..... I got you.

You are certain that you don’t have anything you could teach. I promise you I will help you discover the knowledge skill or expertise that you can teach...... I got you.

You’re currently working on a course and are tired of winging it or hoping that your approach to creating a course will work..... I got you.

You’re fed up listing to all the competing advice swirling around online and just want someone to tell you what to do and how to do it...... I got you.

You feel deep down inside, you have specialized knowledge of something that can help a lot of people..... I got you.

And I am going to draw it out of you, and I am going to make it super easy for you to organize your ideas into a winning course.... I got you.

Here's What You'll Learn:

Identify a profitable niche that appeals to your ideal audience’s biggest needs

Discover exactly who to serve, so you can understand their greatest struggle and turn that into pure profits

Accurately predict the outcome your perfect customer is trying to achieve so you can scientifically formulate your course to match what they want

Create sales copy that captures and converts your perfect customer in one promise that you can deliver

Design a perfect roadmap that will guide your audience toward the promises of your course

Fill in the blanks of the perfect Blueprint that will help you to structure your course and allow you to see all the details of your course in one spot.

Describe the value of your course and come up with a price point that values you and your customers

Use my simple framework to come up with a lethal set of bonuses that you can use to create massive excitement for your course

Provide a no brainer guarantee that will get people off the fence and confident to purchase

Apply my simple strategies that create transformative results.

Does this sound like something you need?

Then let's make it official.

Hit the sexy pink button below to enroll today I’m going to provide you all of the strategies you need to start creating your first course or coaching program

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17 video lessons that will guide you step by step and cover everything you need to make your very first profitable course Values at- $399

64 page downloadable workbook that has all the content and worksheets you need to create your course. Valued at - $100

Ulrta-private Facebook group where you can, ask questions, interact with me and others who are taking the course.

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All Together Valued at $997.00

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This bonus lesson will teach you my simple strategy for launching your course online that way you can 10x your efforts

In your juicy bonus lesson you'll learn

Learn about the three parts of a launch and what steps to take in each part

Get an understanding of the primary goal of a launch strategy and how to execute one

Learn what resources are available to you to help you build an audience, and how to keep your audience engaged

Learn what a sales page is and how to use it to convert prospects into happy customers

5 lead magnet templates that you can use to attract leads to your offer

180 Social media prompts that will inspire you to turn your social media into a delightful and engaging landmark for your audience

30 email templates that will encourage you to delight and connect with your leads when your not pitching your course

A sales page template that will guide you in creating a sales page that converts leads

Instagram accelerator with my tips to help you turn your instagram into a marketing landscape for your perfect course.

And last your Launch Calender and Task list. It'll help you stay organized every step of the way

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Alright let me clear up any left over confusion you might have

For those who are still wondering if this course is right for you….

Are you are a human being that has a desire to help others achieve what you have achieved and make money while you do it, then this course is designed specifically for you.

I have made it so simple that by the end of your course you'll walk away with a custom made blueprint that you can profit from right away

By the way confusion ain't nothing but a racket, so cut it out and step up to the plate!

Here is my 6X Guarantee

If after you have taken this course you feel like you haven’t gotten

6x the value of your investment

6 x in actionable tips and strategies to make creating your course easy.

I will happily refund your investment in full.

all you have to do is send an email showing me you've done the first module and I'll refund your investment, making this decision SUPER safe (and smart).

Sound fair?

Join now and claim all of the following….

Lifetime access to the the course

17 video modules that walk you through my step by step method for creating your very first profitable course or couching program plus a 64 page fillable pdf workbook

Ultra-Private Facebook Group

Plus the Bonuses

My ultimate Strategy to launching your course online comes with 3 bonus videos and workbook - that will walk you through my simple strategy for launching your first course or program online. In this bonus course I will give you a brief history of marketing so that you can understand the goal of your launch strategy, and get an idea of what stage you and your prospective buyer are in your relationship.

I also provide you 5 lead magnet templates that you can use to create to attract prospects to your offer

Then I provide you with a deadly sales system that is easy to execute and will leave your audience wanting more. Learn how to sell out your programs with a proven system that is 6x more effective than webinars

Sales page Blueprint that you can use to convert your prospects into buyers

Last I provide you the ultimate launch calendar and task list so that you can organize every aspect of your launch.

Wait there's more....

Social Media 180º My ultimate templates that will help you turn your social media profiles around and help you engage prospects with your offer.

Emails that deliver - 30 email templates that will help you to super charge your emails delight your prospects and create longterm connection with them

And Instagram Accelerator - How to turn your instagram into a marketing landmark

Your Launch Calender & Task list

This is a 'no brainer'

What can I say, hmmm? She's the best! I definitely learned a lot. I've started my course's outline, I began connecting with and building my tribe right away. I'm new to all this, but it's all making sense now. I highly recommend this course and if you should buy it without second guessing it. You wont' regret it.

Denea Johnson

Ticola is very committed to giving her best for her students to succeed! I am really able to relate to her and her methods of teaching.  I completed the class with ease. I absolutely love the bonus section it's very informative, and very thorough. I appreciate how focused and brief and digestible the lessons are. I also appreciate her prompt response when I ran into a snag. I have recommended this course to friends already.


Louis Rodgers

Absolutely loved this course. She explains everything in such an easy to understand and inspiring way. This particular course has made me realize that I actually have a wealth of knowledge and a number of prospective courses to offer instead of just one.

Angelle Hien

I had been trying to create a course before I grabed this one. So I knew a little about it. But this course brought it all together for me. The first launch of my course I made $4,977.32. THE END! : )

Jannetta Flurha

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